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Venture Investing

In addition to real estate investments, Mark Properties, Inc., Mark Investments, Inc., and their principals actively invest capital into businesses of all kinds, including tech- and biotech-based start-up businesses, manufacturing, retail, and foreign investments.

Track Record

With investment funds totaling $32.9MM, taken collectively, the Triangle Funds have distributed $93.5MM, with nearly $80MM returned to investors and retained over $20MM in properties. Collectively the funds have generated an internal rate of return of over 19% over nearly 19
years, with investor returns of 17%. Even without the remaining properties, the Funds have delivered internal rates of return of 17.7% (total distributions) and 15.5% (distributions to investors).

These returns were achieved using a very conservative investment approach. The safety of principal rather than maximum returns has always been the guiding principle of MPI. To minimize risk, the funds restricted financing to low-leverage, short-amortization, non-recourse loans. The returns of the real estate investments and the Triangle Funds were achieved by smart purchases, by improving cash flows, by hands-on and active management, and by well-timed sales.

The returns were reached even while the company refrained from utilizing the “easy money” of interest-only loans and maximum leverage.

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Current Investments

New Wave Endo

Past Investments

New Wave Surgical 
Andrew Widmark’s work with New Wave Surgical helped lead the company to a successful sale to Covidien for more than $100 million. 

South Florida New Wave Surgical Corp. Acquired for Over $100 Million
Covidien Buys Surgical Device Company Durham Businessman Helped Lead
What Is a Good Entrepreneurial Exit?

We Ask Triangle Newsmakers

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